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Institute on Teaching and Mentoring

Sharon Kim, Julie Marsh and Pamela Harris attended the Institute from W&M.The annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring was held in Arlington, Virginia on October 29-November 1. Doctoral candidates Pamela N. Harris, Sharon Kim, and Julie K. Marsh attended as awardees of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) State Doctoral Scholars program. The four-day conference, sponsored by The Compact for Faculty Diversity, is the largest gathering of minority doctoral scholars in the country.

The Institute focuses on providing minority students with information and strategies to pursue graduate studies and succeed as future faculty members. The Institute provides presentations and other opportunities for students and faculty to share their own research, network with other scholars, and join a larger academic community across various disciplines and fields. Workshops are provided over four days, and presenters focus on insights and strategies for doctoral work, finding and succeeding in a faculty position, and fostering a strong research agenda while building a career in higher education.

Ms. Harris, doctoral candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision, on her experience as a first time attendee of the Institute: “I had a wonderful time at the Institute! I heard impressive things about this event from previous scholars, so I loved being able to experience it firsthand. I learned valuable information that will facilitate developing my role as a future professor (especially after attending the session on negotiating my first faculty position). Additionally, I had the opportunity to network with individuals outside of my field, and received motivation that I can successfully earn my doctorate. I’m definitely looking forward to the next Institute!”

Ms. Kim, doctoral candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision, on her own experiences at the Institute: “The Institute was a refreshing and motivating experience for me - I enjoyed connecting with professionals in other disciplines, a rare opportunity. I loved hearing the stories of others’ success and the grit it took for them to get where they are. Everyone there is so impressive.”

Ms. Marsh, doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Educational Technology, on her experiences also as a first time attendee of the Institute: “I was unsure what to expect at the Institute, but I looked forward to the variety of sessions offered. I made the most of my time over the four days, and I found the session on discussing research the most valuable. The workshop helped me focus on the craft of delivery, and I learned different ways to approach presenting my research. This information will not only help me in my future dissertation defense, but also in any future job talks. Additionally, I found the CV session incredibly helpful. I was able to sit down with a faculty member who reviewed my CV and gave me recommendations on how to stand out when applying for jobs. Overall, the Institute really helped me take a step forward as a professional and future faculty member.”

Harris, Kim and Marsh all look forward to continuing to work with SREB and attend future meetings to continue their preparation for future faculty roles as well as share their research and network with a larger academic community.