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Introducing Kristin Conradi '99

Dr. Kristin ConradiAfter seven years of teaching at the elementary level, time as a graduate student in reading education at the University of Virginia, and four years as an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, Dr. Kristin Conradi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the School of Education upon her arrival this fall.

“My research, broadly, focuses on kids – particularly beyond the primary grades – who struggle with reading. I’ve done a lot of descriptive work, trying to establish patterns and profiles of struggling readers, and I soon want to move into developing effective reading interventions,” Conradi commented, when asked about her research agenda. In addition to these areas of research, she is also currently involved with several projects. One such project pertains to her affiliation with a team working to update a reading attitudes measure which was developed in the 1980s. The team will make updates to the measure that will reflect changes to reading which have occurred since the advent of digital literacies.

In terms of what Conradi is most looking forward to about being a part of the William and Mary community, she is particularly excited to be returning to her alma mater, as she graduated from the College with her undergraduate degree nearly 20 years ago. “William and Mary offers an exceptional education and experience; to be here on the professor side now is a dream come true,” Conradi wrote.

Outside of teaching and research, Conradi enjoys pursuing new adventures – whether they be outdoor pursuits or “just finding a quirky place to eat.” As much of her upbringing took place in Norway, she also tries to make it back there each year. Additionally, she enjoys playing sports (especially tennis) and reading, as she is currently working on completing a biography of every United States president.