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Welcoming Professor Lindy Johnson

Professor Lindy JohnsonAs one of the most recent additions to the School of Education (SOE) community, Dr. Lindy Johnson brings with her a wealth of experience from her time spent across the nation. Currently an Assistant Professor of English Education, her interest in this subject matter developed as an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University.

After graduation, she moved from the foothills of the Utah mountains to the City of Boston for work before making the decision to pursue teaching. While in Boston, Dr. Johnson earned her master’s degree and teaching certification from the University of Massachusetts Boston while interning full time at a high school and taking graduate courses in the evening.  She then went on to teach English for seven years in the Boston Public Schools system. This experience ultimately led her to the University of Georgia, where she completed a doctorate in Language and Literacy Education. The focus of her dissertation was the professional development of in-service teachers. Specifically, her work examined how a group of 12 English teachers learned to incorporate digital technology into their teaching. In collaboration with these educators, Dr. Johnson designed a year-long study which included the development of a summer institute and class observations. One of her primary goals was to address the disconnect between professional development workshops and classroom practice.

In her first two months at William and Mary, Dr. Johnson has already found opportunities to continue her work in the field through resources such as the School-University Research Network (SURN) at the SOE. As an example, she recently met with the Literacy Leadership Group, which consists of K-12 literacy specialists at the district level from throughout the area. She believes in the importance of such partnerships and looks forward to continuing to build great relationships with area schools. Another aspect of being a faculty member at the School of Education which particularly excites Dr. Johnson is the chance to interact with dedicated, passionate students in the classroom as they prepare to enter their own classrooms as English educators at the secondary level.

She is currently teaching English Methods and Young Adult Literature, both courses which enable pre-service teachers to gain a better understanding of theory and practice. Although there are times when she misses being in the classroom herself, she is thankful that her research allows her to stay connected to the field. Outside of the world of teaching and research, Dr. Johnson enjoys cooking, developing her photography skills, and spending time with her family while exploring the Williamsburg community.