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Introducing Prof. Shannon Trice-Black

Dr. Shannon Trice-Black

For Dr. Shannon Trice-Black, coming back to Williamsburg felt like she was coming "full circle."  Trice-Black joined the faculty in the School Psychology and Counselor Education (SPACE) program beginning in the fall of 2009.

Both of her parents graduated from William and Mary and were married in the Wren Chapel. Like her parents, Trice-Black attended W&M and earned her B.A. in Psychology and English in 1993 before pursuing both her M.A. and Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Virginia. "I feel really blessed to have ended up here," she says.

Trice-Black is currently involved with several research projects. With Dr. Ann Shillingford, another first-year faculty member, and Dr. Charles (Rip) McAdams, she is engaged in researching school counselors' understanding of the cycle of aggression in schools. In collaboration with two of her fellow Ph.D. graduates from UVA, she is examining counselor ‘burn out' and the implication it has for supervisors. She also has a summer research grant to study school counselors and their relationship with school administrators in terms of ethics and confidentiality.

When asked about what surprised her most when she started here, Trice-Black responded that she was pleased by how supportive people are in the School of Education. She mentioned particularly the New Horizons Family Counseling Clinic on site, enabling her to have her school counseling students witness family counseling first hand. Trice-Black also enjoys working with Dr. Shillingford. "We complement each other well," says Trice-Black.