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Support students on their journey to become the teachers, counselors, psychologists, school leaders, researchers and advocates who will solve the complex educational challenges that face our state, nation and world.

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A student’s college experience is transformed with a scholarship. It not only eases the financial burden, but also provides the student with opportunities to enrich their experience beyond their program. 

Cullen Dolson

Cullen Dolson, a master’s student in ESL/Bilingual Education program, came to W&M as an educator seeking expertise in working with multilingual learners.

So much of education for me is creating a safe and loving space where students are able to learn because their whole selves are welcome in the classroom. After my first couple years teaching, I knew that my students deserved the absolute best training I could be provided with. Teaching in school systems with substantial financial difficulties and addressing the needs of diverse learners requires intensive education. This program prepares teachers to be the very best they can be.

Cullen is supported through the James E. & Barbara B. Ukrop Richmond City Public School Teachers Scholarship and the Frances H. and Robert O. Nelson Memorial Scholarship.

 Jamie Blanch
Jamie Blanch, a doctoral student in the higher education program, came to W&M with a desire to expand her impact on students, particularly focused on helping underrepresented students in their transitions to a four-year institution.

I hope to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of how different universities offer support and where areas for growth could be when working with underrepresented student populations. The campus atmosphere and faculty are what led me to initially apply to William & Mary. I really love how diverse my cohort is – we all come from different parts of the globe and bring different higher education roles and backgrounds to William & Mary.

Jamie is supported through the Martha L. Muguira Fellowship, established by family and friends in memory of Marty Muguira, Ed.D. ’91, the first Latina to earn a doctorate at William & Mary.

Mabel Amara

Mabel Amara, a master’s student in Couples, Marriage & Family Counseling program, is supported through the S. Stuart Flanagan Family Graduate Fellowship.

To get into a wonderful program and then receive a scholarship for my interest in families is validation for my soul. I chose to pursue a counseling degree at W&M because I believe that family health is fundamental to a healthy society. I wanted my career to have a positive impact on people's lives and I believe in the healing power of therapy.