Lindsey Taylor '06, M.Ed. '14

Awarded the Peter D. Pruden Jr. and Phyllis S. Pruden Endowed Scholarship

Lindsey Taylor with Mrs. Phyllis Pruden at the Awards Ceremony

Lindsey Taylor was the 2013 recipient of the Peter D. Pruden Jr. and Phyllis S. Pruden Endowed Scholarship.

Lindsey hopes to be an elementary school teacher in the Williamsburg community. “The College of William and Mary community has changed my life in countless ways and I look forward to giving back to the community of Williamsburg as a teacher, and eventually hope that I can provide scholarships for future William and Mary students”. She wants to play an integral role in ensuring that every student receives the enriching educational experience that he or she deserves. Her vision as a future teacher is to help students think critically and creatively and to gain an intrinsic love for learning. “This award will help significantly in allowing me to give 100% of my time and energy to the School of Education and to my students at Matoaka Elementary School”.

Phyllis Pruden and her late husband, Peter have strong family ties to the College of William and Mary, and honored the School of Education by establishing two scholarships for the College of William and Mary School of Education: the Peter D. Pruden Jr. and Phyllis S. Pruden Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Peter and Phyllis Pruden Scholarship.  “Our relationship with William and Mary led us to include the college in our philanthropy. My daughter, Melinda Stancill Poe, received her B.A. degree from the School of Education. My son, Steven Godfrey Stancill, received his J.D. from William and Mary Law School. We have always felt a great respect for the College of William and Mary.”

Mrs. Pruden further illustrated the lasting importance of giving: “My husband, Peter D. Pruden, Jr. and I wanted to leave a legacy in education in our name for generations of students now and later. Peter and I believed in the power of education to inspire and change lives. We saw how higher education benefited our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. We hoped to benefit the lives of many other young students. Peter's education led him to become a successful business man, and my education enabled me to have a career as a teacher. We hope that our scholarships may help others to achieve their dreams through education.”