Sarah Lilly '13, M.Ed. '14

I know that the students need me and that I am truly making a difference.

Sarah Lilly is presented the Hill Award from Dean Spencer Niles

The Frederick L. Hill Mathematics Teaching Scholarship is awarded to students who are pursuing certification to teach secondary school mathematics, possess the personal qualities desirable in a teacher, and are committed to teaching mathematics.

Sarah Lilly was the 2013 recipient. Sarah is currently a student teacher at Pheobus High School, and plans to begin a career as both a Mathematics and English Instructor.  She will graduate with a Masters of Arts in Education degree from William and Mary in May of 2014. Her vision is to help students succeed academically, and to serve as a role model for them so that they will also invest in higher education.

Sarah also received the Robert Noyce Scholarship in 2012 and 2013, and was a Teacher’s for a Competitive Tomorrow Scholar during her undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary. She was recently honored to be invited to the 2014 Teachers of Promise Institute Conference. In addition, she serves as the President of the Student Virginia Education Association at William and Mary, and in collaboration with other groups members is planning a “March MATHness” SOL activity review for third graders to increase their content skills and cognitive levels through interactive learning.

Sarah expressed the impact that the Frederick L. Hill Mathematics Teaching Scholarship award has had on her education and experiences here at the College of William and Mary, and on the influence this award has had on her ability to pursue her dream of teaching: “The ability to take classes this year will make a huge impact on not only me, but also my future students. Building a strong pedagogical foundation will truly benefit my students as I learn how to help them to engage with mathematical materials, better my classroom management skills, increase my ability to communicate with parents and collaborate with family members, and prepare to become a future leader in education…working with these students at a high needs school is a great opportunity, because I know that they need me and that I am truly making a difference.”