Heather Beaver, M.Ed. '11

Awarded The Hornsby Family Scholarship

Heather Beaver, M.Ed. '11 is the 2011 recipient of the Hornsby Family Scholarship.

Heather received her B.A. in 2007 from Messiah College, where she majored in history.  After college, she worked in government and insurance for a few years, and then had the opportunity to teach high school at a private school for a year.  "This experience was great, because it helped me realize that I love teaching.  It also helped me see that my real interest is working with children. I have worked with children quite a bit since 9th grade by tutoring, volunteering in the community, and babysitting.  Spending time with children and helping them learn is always a bright spot in my day!"  Heather hopes to become an effective teacher working closely with students and their families in a positive and supportive way so that instruction takes place inside and outside the classroom.

Mrs. Robert Hornsby and Heather Beaver '11Heather lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she will teach 3rd grade at a Title I school.  She said "the school desperately needs good teachers.  While they have made AYP, achievement scores in all core subjects last year were a "D," and only 35% of students are on grade level with reading.  I am excited to share what I have learned to make a difference where a difference is really needed."

Heather is so appreciative of her scholarship and the level of instruction and preparation she got at William and Mary. "I received an interview largely because of program recognition!  My interview was granted at the very last minute, because I personally handed the principal my resume.  She immediately recognized William and Mary, and understood the integrity of the school's teacher education program.  Thus, in the end, I only interviewed with one school and was hired three hours later!  I share this with you, because it is a direct testimonial to William and Mary's reputation as an excellent school for teacher education, inside of Virginia as well as outside.  I largely credit that for getting me the opportunity to interview on the spot."