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I'm interested in hiring a student to come out to our home one or two days a week (9 to 3, plus or minus an hour, flexibility available) for the duration of the Spring '23 semester to shepherd my ten year old through his virtual school program and help care for our affable Labrador retriever. Your primary responsibility will be making sure that he is in the right place at the right time and helping resolve any technical issues. I estimate you will have up to four hours available during these days to do your own studying/reading/writing while he is in class and doing his asynchronous assignments. Our ideal candidate will have experience with or interest in late elementary/early middle schoolers, and willingness to play outside on nice days and board games on cold and rainy ones when school is not in session. We'd like to pay $15/hour. If you have experience in teaching music or art to kids, I'd be especially interested in discussing additional options in those areas, at different times and/or rates as appropriate! Please email Stephanie at srhasselbacher AT wm DOT edu if interested.
Posted 1/4/2023

Carpenter Tutoring is seeking to expand its pool of tutors.
Carpenter Tutoring, a tutoring practice serving learners of all ages and founded by a W&M alumna, is hoping to expand its pool of tutors. Tutors are hired as contractors and are able to set their own schedules and preferred subject areas. Our greatest needs are in middle school and high school math, all levels of language arts, and reading delays and/or related learning differences. That being said, additional coverage in any area is helpful, so please don't count yourself out if your area of expertise is elsewhere!
A full listing of our current offerings is available on www.CarpenterTutoring.com. Offerings you might be able to provide beyond what's currently listed are welcome.
The vast majority of our tutoring is done remotely, though in-person options are available for tutors who would like to utilize both meeting methods. Tutors will be paid no less than $40 per hour of tutoring, with room for increases for certain topics and meeting methods as outlined in the pricing section of the website.
If you are interested, please send your resume to amy@carpentertutoring.com. Any tutoring experience, whether formal or informal, can be considered. Please feel free to reach out to the same address with any questions, too!
Posted 12/12/2022

We are looking for a mother's helper for our 2 toddlers in our home in Williamsburg. While the kids nap, we need someone who could help with toy pickup, light cleanup, food prep, and laundry. Required: reliable, vaccinated, non smoker who is good with the children. I will be in the home to help as needed but working remotely. Someone who is as comfortable helping with a free educational goals as they are with playing outside would be ideal. 

Hours would be weekdays at least 3:30-5:30 pm mon-fri (ideally 230-530/6) and weekends 9-2, but you can essentially design your schedule since we're pretty flexible. Please contact diptir@gmail.com I'd interested! 

Posted 12/6/2022

Academic Coaching: I’m looking for an academic coach for a tenth grade student who has an aptitude that currently exceeds his effort and execution. I do not require previous experience doing this – we can figure it out as we go. I think it would be fine for an organized W&M student to touch base with him once or twice per week via zoom or other digital communication tool and provide accountability around due dates, as well as encouragement to look ahead and make strategies to complete work on time and thoroughly. I’m offering $20 per 30 minute session. If interested, please text Corinne: 757-871-3311.

 Posted 12/2/2022

Looking for childcare a couple hours a couple days a week. Daughter has a speech and developmental delay, so looking for someone to play and assist with encouraging speech. $15/hour. Flexible hours, looking for the right person! Email blythestorrar03@gmail.com if interested.

Posted 11/30/2022

We need a tutor for pre-calc - most likely two days a week to work with our 11th grader. Session scheduling is flexible. Interested, please email mjhofe@wm.edu for more information.

Posted 10/5/2022 

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