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Looking for an in-person 9th Grade Algebra 1 tutorOne hour 2 times a week to start.  $40 an hour. The student and Dad both have Covid Antibodies and Mom has been vaccinated.  There is low risk of giving or getting covid.
Contact Gretchen Golub at  golub1@cox.net or text 757-256-6288.
(Posted 1/12/2021)

In search of a W&M education student to help tutor my 3rd and 5th grade girls part-time. We decided to homeschool our kids this year (they had been at DJ Montague here in Williamsburg), both because of the pandemic and because our youngest, Katie, was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia.  Katie has made fantastic progress by working very hard with a Sentara reading specialist, and we want to continue to help her. We still plan to be involved - it would just be great to have someone else help from a curriculum and instructional standpoint.  And to have the girls be responsible to someone other than Mom and Dad for their work every day!
Please  email or call Heather or me if interested, and thank you again!
     -Brian Sellers (443,909.0985) or  brian.r.sellers@gmail.com
     -Heather Sellers (443.909.0067) 
P.S.  You can see a typical day in our homeschool life and "meet" our kids in this video :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88cRGTHpQmM
(Posted 1/6/2021)

VIRTUAL LUNCH BUNCH: W&M undergraduate students may login to Microsoft Teams to tutor WJCC students in specific subjects: Monday/English; Tuesday/Math; Wednesday; History; Thursday/Science   
DATE: Begins November 30-December 18 and January 4-until ?


SHADOW A TEACHER: The SAT will assist teachers with instructor-related work in a cooperative and supportive effort. They will also be responsible for reinforcement of instruction under specific instruction from the teacher and will provide additional time for direct instruction.   SAT will assist in skill practice and reinforcement activities, previously introduced by the teacher, either individually or in small groups.  They will encourage and assist students in completing individual or group learning assignments by reinstructing or reinforcing learning skills. All duties will be performed under the direct supervision of assigned teacher.  This experience would be great for all levels Elementary, Middle, and High School as you will be working in small groups. Schedules will be determined between the SAT and cooperating teachers.  
 Background Checks must be established prior to assignment 


BOOTCAMP FRIDAYS: Bootcamp Friday is a school remediation day: 9:00am-12:00pm. We will work with our most struggling students to assist with organization and missing assignments. All contents will be covered during this time.  This experience would be great for all levels Elementary, Middle, and High School as you will have an opportunity to work with struggling students. We may have struggling students attend school in person when permitted. 
 Contact Cara Townsend at Cara.Townsend@wjccschools.org

(Posted 1/6/2021)

  I am in search of a tutor multiple days a week for my daughter.  She is in 7th grade and is struggling a bit with Math and English and staying current with her assignments in the virtual learning platform. We would prefer the tutoring to be done in person in our home, but are open to discussing it being done virtually. 

Contact Amy Hoyt at 757-880-0825 or ahoyt@pbmares.com

(Posted 1/5/202)