How-to Tutorials

Some things come with instructions.

If you have questions about the instructions below, wish to suggest a tutorial, or would like to set up one-on-one instruction for any of our classroom technologies, please email [[adlawrence,April Lawrence]] or [[bbcorbett,Brandon Corbett]].


Blackboard Help for Faculty
Customize Your Blackboard Avatar
How to Make Courses Available/Unavailable
Personalizing Blackboard

Classroom Technologies

Classroom Lecterns

Instructional Design

Camtasia-PowerPoint Add-in
Camtasia-Screen Capture
Online Course Mapping
Online Lecture Examples


Features of Panopto's Video Player
Installing the Panopto Recorder
Panopto Student Assignments
Recording Screencasts

Recording Video Presentations


Searching for Themes

W&M Apps

Collaborative Editing
Google Drive and Embedded Video
Peer Review
W&M Drive