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Math Study Group

Closed event. 

2023-2024 Meeting Dates:
October 18, 2023 
November 15, 2023 
January 24, 2024 
March 27, 2024 

The Math Study Group allows a platform for key leaders in our SURN member school divisions and across the state to discuss math needs and inspire developments to carry into our learning setting.

Benefits of the SURN Math Study Group include:
  • Interacting with mathematics education faculty at the William & Mary School of Education
  • Developing a network for K-12 math leaders
  • Collaborating on program evaluation design
  • Serving as an advisory committee for SURN projects
  • Learning and discussing the latest research
  • Assessing common professional development needs
  • Discussing common critical issues
  • Identifying research-based resources
  • Promoting leadership development
  • Addressing math coach certification needs
Please email if you have any questions or would like to join the study group.