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New Leaf

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Founded in 2009 by Dr. Rick Gressard and Dr. Sara Scott, the New Leaf Clinic uses motivational interviewing techniques to encourage students to take ownership of their decisions and make positive changes in their lives. Motivational interviewing emphasizes client choice and is an evidence-based intervention that has been proven effective for increasing motivation to change high-risk substance use. 

Over the years, the New Leaf Clinic has grown and currently collaborates with the W&M Office for Health Promotion on their Self-Care Over Soothing (SOS) program. SOS is an integrative approach to wellness, designed to support students who are seeking to be healthier and not just temporarily feel better.  

Counseling is provided by doctoral students in the Counselor Education program and by master's students who are counseling interns in the Clinical Mental Health and Addictions and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs. These counselor interns are under the supervision of a faculty member and/or doctoral counseling student throughout their time with the New Leaf Clinic.

Scheduling of Services

Students may get started by completing the assessment on the SOS page. Questions may be directed to the New Leaf staff at [[newleaf]].