Project Clarion

An Integrative Curriculum Scale-up Project to Promote Scientific Conceptual Understanding in Promising Young Children (Ages 4-8)

A research grant funded by: The United States Department of Education, Javits Grant Information.

The standards-based Clarion units introduce young learners to the world of scientists through engaging activities and projects. They encourage children to think about their world and to reflect on how it works. Designed for high ability learners, the units are organized around natural, physical, and earth science topics for implementation in all classrooms. Pre and post assessments of content, concept, and scientific investigation skills are included.

Project Clarion Introductory Podcast - This provides an overview of the purpose for Project Clarion, the K-3 science curriculum units and professional development available for science instruction.

Project Staff
  • Dr. Bruce A. Bracken, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Lori Bland, Project Director
  • Dr. Kimberley Chandler, Curriculum Consultant
  • Dr. KyungHee Kim, Research Consultant
  • Dr. Janice Robbins, Interim Director
Project Objectives
  • To implement instrumentation sensitive to low socioeconomic learners for purposes of identification and assessment of learning.
  • To implement, refine, and extend research-based concept curriculum units of study in grades PreK-3 in three different school districts.
  • To develop and implement professional training models for teachers, administrators, and broader school communities.
  • To conduct research on short term and longitudinal student learning gains as well as the mechanisms that promote the institutionalization of innovation through scaling up.