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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I enroll my child in a course area of strength or an area of weakness?

The Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program is designed to match children with courses that are in areas of their strength and interest. The program is not designed for remedial work nor for areas of relative weakness.

Will my child receive a report card?

Your child will receive a progress report, but no information is sent to your child's school.

What time zone are the classes scheduled for?

Times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What is the class size?

Classes will be limited to 20 participants (with rare exceptions). Students will be assigned to classes on a first come, first served basis. Classes with insufficient enrollment (less than 10 students) will be cancelled and enrollees will be notified. If another class choice is not available or desired the tuition will be refunded.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds will not be processed if the cancellation occurs after the registration deadline (two weeks prior to the start of Session I).

If cancellation occurs prior to the registration deadline, please contact [[sep email]] to begin the refund process.

Can I change classes/sessions?

No changes in classes or sessions can be made after the program starts.

When does registration close?

Registration will close 2 weeks prior to the first class of Session I.

Are Virtual SEP courses recorded?
Our courses are designed to be for the enrichment of minors via synchronous instruction to maximize the instructional benefits through interactions among peers and instructors. Therefore, neither the Center for Gifted Education nor the SEP instructors will be video recording the Saturday/Summer Enrichment Programs (SEP) as appropriate permissions are not in place. In the event a SEP session is missed, parents may request class materials, if available, from the Program Coordinator.  Recordings of missed classes will not be provided.