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Callison, Jennifer
Assistant Director of Curriculum & Professional Development
Office: Remote
Email: [[jvcallison]]

Ashley Carpenter

Carpenter, Ashley
Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of Professional Development, Center for Gifted Education
Office: 3012
Phone: (757) 221-2588
Email: [[aycarpenter]]
Website: {{, Center for Gifted Education}}
Areas of Expertise: Gifted Education, Professional Development, Underserved Gifted Populations, Twice-Exceptional Learners

Tracy Cross

Cross, Dr. Tracy L.
Executive Director
Office: 3129
Phone: (757) 221-2210
Email: [[TLCross]]
Areas of Expertise: Gifted Education, Psychology of Gifted Students, Suicide, Mental Health, Educational Psychology

Jennifer Cross

Cross, Jennifer Riedl
Research Associate Professor and Director of Research, Center for Gifted Education
Office:: 3010
Phone:: (757) 221-2414
Area of Expertise:: Psychology and Social Experience of Gifted Students, Peer Relationships, Suicidal Behavior, High Ability and Low Income


Dibble, Conor
Administrative Operations Specialist – Camp Launch
Office: 3015
Phone: (757) 221-4178
Email: [[cwdibble]]

Karen Gibson

Gibson, Karen
Fiscal Coordinator (CFGE, SURN)
Office: 3007
Phone: (757) 221-2759
Email: [[kgibson]]

Mihyeon Kim

Kim, Dr. Mihyeon
Director, Precollegiate Learner Programs
Office: 3017
Phone: (757) 221 - 2458
Email: [[mxkim3]]
Areas of Expertise: Pre-Collegiate Learner Programs, Enrichment Programs, Focusing on the Future


McCoy, Zachary
Logistics Coordinator & Administrative Assistant (CFGE, SURN)
Office: 3008
Phone: (757) 221-2353
Email: [[zcmccoy]]


Morris, Ashley
Precollegiate Learner Program Coordinator
Office: 3013
Phone: (757) 221-5844
Email: [[amorris03]]