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Spring Awards ceremony recognizes over 90 students

"For the past three plus years, my professors molded an insecure learner into a confident researcher."... Xianxuan Xu

During the Spring Awards ceremony held April 29 in the new School of Education building, over 90 students were honored with scholarships and awards.  This annual event is an opportunity to recognize student accomplishments and celebrate the generosity of  donors to the School.  It also allows alumni and donors to meet many of the students and learn more about their work. 

The Dean's Awards for Excellence are School of Education awards which recognize outstanding performance throughout the program.  The sole purpose of these awards is to bestow on the recipients recognition as outstanding students in education.  The awards recognize academic and professional excellence as well as outstanding citizenship.

Doctoral Award for Excellence -  Xianxuan Xu and Courtney Holmes

Dean Virginia McLaughlin and Xianxuan XuXianxuan Xu is a doctoral student in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Program with a focus on General Education Administration.  Xian's ability to analyze complex issues, the ease with which she collaborates with her colleagues, and her deep understanding of the process of conducting quality research has made her one of the top doctoral students. Her passion for learning is contagious as she contributes insightful ideas and unique perspectives in all of her classes.  Xian's dedication to good teaching practices, in addition to her ethical and professional demeanor, makes her an ideal candidate for the award for excellence.

Courtney Holmes and Dean Virginia McLaughlinCourtney  Holmes is a doctoral student in the Counselor Education program with a focus on couples and family counseling. Courtney earned her Bachelor's degree from the College of Wooster and her Master's degree in Community Counseling from Gonzaga University.  Courtney's academic performance at William and Mary has been exemplary, as has her commitment to research and professional service. She was selected to serve as the Director of the New Horizons Family Counseling Center which serves more than 250 families and includes an average of 15 interns each year. In August Courtney will go to Bowling Green State University to be an Assistant Professor in the Counseling Program.

Stephen Salvato and Tom WardStephen Salvato - Masters level Dean's Award for Excellence

Stephen graduated magna cum laude from William & Mary with a double major in Government and Economics with a 3.93 GPA and is currently a Master's student in our Secondary Social Studies program, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  Stephen is described by the faculty as thoughtful and collaborative.  Currently, he is student teaching Government and AP Economics courses at Jamestown High School, primarily to seniors.  He also volunteers at the high school with their recycling program and holds roles in community and church groups.


Ginny Hutcheson and Tom WardVirginia Hutcheson - Undergraduate Dean's Award for Excellence

The Dean said, "Ginny displays a true commitment by improving her skills as a future Elementary School teacher through supplementary courses in Special and Gifted Education. She also holds leadership positions on campus and collaborates with the Center for Student Diversity. Her genuine character and reflective nature were the characteristics that faculty indicated as the reasons that Ginny was a good choice for this award."

For donors, funding a scholarship is a meaningful way to support the School of Education in an area of particular interest.  Such an investment creates opportunities for students and has lasting value.   Student beneficiaries are grateful for the financial assistance and enjoy the opportunity to meet the donors who established the scholarship funds.   

As the economy continues to impact William & Mary students seeking to pay for a college and graduate school education, the University's financial aid resources are being stretched as never before.  Private support plays an even more critical role in supporting the dreams and aspirations of our students.