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Spencer G. Niles elected Incoming President, Chi Sigma Iota

International Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society


Spencer Niles has been elected as the President-Elect of Chi Sigma Iota (CSI), an international honor society that values academic and professional excellence in counseling.  CSI promotes a strong professional identity through members (professional counselors, counselor educators, and students) who contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity. 

CSI’s mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, advocacy, and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.

Chi Sigma Iota has over 90,000 members and is growing by over 6,000 new members per year.  One of the largest associations of professional counselors in the world, CSI's annual active membership is equally balanced between professional and student members. Among the professional members over 600 are counselor educators and supervisors while the remainder of the members are practicing counselors in all settings and specialties of counseling.