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Higher Education Students Prepare for Next Step

Students and alumni participate in Mock Interview Day

Higher education students participate in mock interviews with alumni of the higher program

On February 13, higher education students, alongside alumni of the higher education program, participated in a mock interview day at the School of Education.

It was an opportunity for current students to be interviewed and receive immediate feedback on their performance. The students submitted job descriptions prior to the mock interviews and alumni served as interviewers of the students for various positions.

The alumni, who currently work in various professional positions on campus, shared feedback with students about their resumes, tips about questions to anticipate, suggestions for how to make connections between their academic experience and the jobs, and advice about common mistakes during interviews.  

“Our higher education students and alumni are wonderful,” said Professor Eddie R. Cole. “Our plan is to host this event each spring for our graduating students as they enter the job market. The chance to have them experience an interview with our alumni is a priceless simulation of the real thing. Our alums regularly interview job applicants in their professional duties, so it’s great they are willing to come back and share their expertise with our current students.”

A variety of professional positions were submitted for the mock interviews, including faculty positions, academic advising, and international studies.Higher education students alongside alumni of the higher program following mock interviews