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Dr. Gail Hardinge

Appointed to the Virginia School Board Association Task Force on Virtual Learning

Dr. Gail HardingeGail Hardinge has been appointed to the Virginia School Board Association Task Force on Virtual Learning.  Dr. Hardinge is the Project Director of the STEM Education Alliance Virginia Demonstration Project and currently the chair of the New Kent County school board. She looks forward to working with the task force members across the state and sharing experience gained through developing a virtual classroom with school psychology interns and through virtual program planning on our W&M STEM grant.

The "Virtual Learning Task Force" is charged with the ambitious goal of developing an interim written report by October 4 for the VSBA Board of Directors. As a starting point, the Task Force will review best practices in other states and schools, as well as relevant state laws and regulations.  Based on those findings, the Task Force would develop a list of key principles to chart a vision for Virtual Learning in Virginia and recommendations for state and local policy to implement those principles. 

Members of the Task Force:

Kim Bridges, Board Member, Richmond City School Board

John Lumpkins, Board Member, Goochland County School Board

Dr. Michael Otaigbe, Board Member, Prince William County School Board

Dr. Gail Hardinge, Board Member, New Kent County Public Schools

Dr. Toni Jones, Superintendent, Falls Church City Public Schools

Dr. Greg Smith, Superintendent, Richmond County Public Schools

Dr. Doug Schuch, Superintendent, Bedford City Public Schools

Dr. Linda Riviea, Superintendent, Staunton City Public Schools