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The William and Mary Educational Review

Inaugural edition of student-run journal

 April 2013 marks the inaugural edition of the School of Education journal, The William and Mary Educational Review.  The WMER is a student created and run publication for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the William & Mary School of Education. The purpose of the WMER is to provide a venue for School of Education students to publish their original work; give students the opportunity to be a part of the process of publishing works in a peer-reviewed journal; and share with the community the work being done to enhance education and scholarship at the College of William & Mary School of Education. Over thirty students participated in the first edition through their work on the Executive Board, Editorial Review Board, or by submitting their original manuscripts. The goal is for the WMER to be a learning experience for all students involved as we hone our skills in writing, research, editing, collaborating, and networking through the process of publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts. The members of the WMER recently presented at the School of Education Symposium and have been accepted to present at the Virginia Networking Conference to share our experiences and promote the value of education students sharing their knowledge, observations, and research with the greater community through publication. 

For more information, please visit our website.   If you are interested in working on the journal, please email

The manuscript deadline for the second edition of the WMER is May 29, 2013.