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Remembering Royce Chesser 1922-2013

Beloved professor and esteemed educator

Professor ChesserIt is with great sadness to share the news that Royce Warner Chesser, Professor of Education, Emeritus, died on August 16.

Professor Royce Chesser who taught at the School of Education from 1962 - 1982 is fondly remembered by students and fellow professors alike.                       

A former student, Dr. Jo Lynne Stancil DeMary reflects on Professor Chesser:

 “As my professor, Mr. Chesser had a profound impact on me personally and professionally.  He not only taught me a tremendous amount about the science of teaching but he also instilled in me the belief that i would be a gifted teacher and could teach any child. His high academic expectations coupled with his encouragement and genuine interest made him loved and respected by his students. He was the ultimate gentleman and role model, and i shall never forget him.”
Dr. Jo Lynne Stancil DeMary ’68, Ed.D. ‘82
Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2000-2006

 As a colleague, Professor Emeritus, Robert J. Hanny said, “Professor Chesser was a leading person in terms of knowledge of serving as superintendents in Virginia.  He was a highly respected, quiet man; I have very good memories of him.”

Professor Emeritus, S. Stuart Flanagan fondly remembers him, "Professor Chesser was certainly a valuable member of the W&M faculty as he represented the true values of the College and I considered him a true friend.” 

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