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Bruce A. Bracken, Ph.D., ABAP

Named for Lifetime Achievement Award

Bruce A. Bracken Ph.D., ABAPBruce A. Bracken, Ph.D. has been selected by the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Education Alumni Awards Selection Committee to receive the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.  Dr. Bracken said, "This is news of which I am especially proud – for my career accomplishments as a school psychologist. As with the recent APA Senior Scientist Award and AERA Charter Fellow designation, it's especially rewarding to have had my career accomplishments as a school psychologist noticed by those individuals and organizations that mean the most to me.  See September 19, 2012 story.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards was presented at the College of Education's Fall Dinner Celebration on Friday, September 14, 2012. 

Dr. Bracken is an affiliated faculty member at the Center for Gifted Education.