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Ann Gillespie Gray, M.Ed '00, Ed.S. '03

Degree at William & Mary leads to purposeful career as a School Psychologist

Ann GrayAnn Gillespie Gray, M.Ed. '00, Ed.S. '03 serves as a member of the School of Education Development Board.  She was a non-traditional student at William & Mary; entering graduate school after her children had reached an age of independence.

When Ann decided to return to work, she searched for in an area that related to her background. Initially, it was a challenge just to take the GRE; then she cautiously dipped her toe in at William & Mary taking two courses, one at a time, and then decided to seek a degree.  Ann earned an four years, including an internship.  Although she found the school psychology program a rigorous curriculum, Ann felt very supported and encouraged by excellent teachers and is especially grateful to Professor Sandy Ward. Not only teaching Ann "Tests and Measurements", Dr. Ward was Ann's advisor, making the transition to becoming a student in mid-life much easier.

Ann began her career as a Rehab Counselor trained to work with those with both physical and mental disabilities, having earned a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at VCU.  The VCU program trained Ann to look at the whole person when evaluating a problem, an approach Ann uses today with her young students.

Ann now uses the tools and skills she learned at William & Mary everyday as a part- time School Psychologist at Kiln Creek Elementary School.  Entering the workforce in a job share allowed Ann to work in her chosen profession without disrupting her family life.

 "I received excellent training and a strong foundation in ethics at William & Mary," Ann said, "Although my job is assessment oriented, William & Mary trains us how to go out into a school and build relationships with teachers. I felt ready for that." I am grateful to William & Mary for preparing me for this most rewarding job."