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Amy Wallace

Ph.D. - Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership - Gifted Education Administration


  • 2026, William & Mary, Ph.D. - Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership - Gifted Education Administration
  • 2020, Western Kentucky University, M.S. in Gifted Education and Talent Development
  • 2014, Western Kentucky University, B.S. in Education

What kind of educational and professional experiences did you have prior to beginning this degree?
Before beginning my Ph.D. program at William & Mary, I taught middle grades ancient history as well as a gifted math and literature class in a refugee city in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I received my undergraduate and master's degree from Western Kentucky University (WKU). Both degrees were in education with a concentration in gifted education and talent development. I also worked for The Center for Gifted Education at WKU under the direction of Dr. Julia Roberts and taught seasonal K-6 Super Saturday enrichment classes during the year as well as gifted elementary and middle grades camps during the summer. I also collaborate with Art2Dream at WKU and CreArte in Pinar del Rio, Cuba creating cross-disciplinary lessons with an emphasis on identity and community.

As a student pursuing a doctorate in Gifted Education, why did you choose this field, and what motivates you in this work?
I chose William & Mary's Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership (EPPL) program because of its strong focus in social justice within education. My classes always challenge me to think of creating solutions and changes within education to benefit all students. What motivates in my work at William & Mary are the incredible faculty and staff. I have never felt more supported in any academic journey than my Ph.D. program. Faculty and staff are dedicated to seeing students succeed and are invested in my personal Ph.D. journey.

What do you hope to be doing after graduation? In 10 or 15 years?
After graduation I hope to work in an R1 or R2 university as faculty. I have a passion for research about gifted English learners as well as teaching university students of all levels in education. I hope to dedicate myself to the success of my future students as faculty and staff at William & Mary have done for me.

Why did you choose William & Mary and specifically your degree program? What sets this degree program apart from those offered at other colleges?
I chose William & Mary over other degree programs because of the focus in social justice within education. While other gifted education programs within the United States had excellent programs focusing on creativity and academic achievement, I wanted a program committed to make education more equitable for all students regardless of economic status or cultural background. William & Mary is a community that continually strives for that both for its own students and for education.

What has been the most influential experience you've had so far in your program?
The most influential experience I have had so far in my program has been field experience in university teaching. As a former teacher, there is nothing better than seeing a student's academic journey and the determination to learn. I love being a part of the "ah-ha!" moments and seeing a student grow from the start of a class to the end. This experience alongside the honor of working with my classmates, who bring their own unique talents and knowledge to share, has been the most influential experience by far in my program.

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