Spring Break

It is Spring Break, yet I don’t find myself out of town, relaxing. The only difference between this week and any other week is that I don’t have class. I still needed to see families, do clinic hours, and work my GA. Yet, I am not as upset as I could be. There was no way I could have afforded to take the week off since I am still struggling to keep up with my direct hours. But fear not! I have a few upcoming plans to make sure I will be done before graduation. This Friday, I will be at a lock-in sleepover for 5th grade girls being held at one of the local elementary schools in town. I will be a volunteer counselor helping a group of girls transition into their pre-teen/teen and middle school years. The activities will focus on self-esteem, image, friendships, and trust.  Another upcoming project includes a workshop for couples in campus. Finger’s crossed that it gets approved! So in conclusion, I could be upset about my lack of spring break but I am choosing to focus on the positive things that I have going on (one of them being accepted in to the Ph.D. program! YAY!). I am hoping this will be enough to get me through graduation! (64 days left by the way!)