Rain, rain, go away

I don’t think it has stopped raining for the past week and a half. Hurricane Joaquin was supposed to hit us, but then it went out to sea. We’re glad we didn’t get the hurricane of the century, but we certainly are getting its rain.

I spent some time last week figuring out what I would do if a hurricane hit us. What happens if we have to evacuate? Where do I go? How on earth do I plan on finding a place to stay while we sit in traffic for hours and my cat yowls loudly?

As it turns out, I’m still not sure what my plan would have been, but I did learn that if there’s an evacuation, they can turn the east-bound lanes on I-64 around and send them west so that people can get out more quickly. So that’s what those big barricades on all the on and off ramps are for!

Hopefully the sun will come out soon. I’m glad we didn’t have to deal with the hurricane, but I’m starting to really need some sunshine!