Papers…papers…and papers….oh my!

Keeping with my new motto about staying positive in order to make it through the semester, my blog will attempt to look at the bright side in midst of a very hectic time of the semester. I will try….we shall see. So just to give some insight in what I will be going through, I have four papers to write, two presentations to prepare, one final exam, and the usual weekly readings for my classes…oh, and clients, too! All of this needs to be done in 3 ½ weeks. Commence the stress now!

Ok, now let’s look on the bright side. First, THANKSGIVING! This is the first time in three years that I will be going home for Thanksgiving break and spend the holiday with my family. I am so excited to see my family this month. As long as I make sure that I am writing during the break, I will be on track with my school work. Something else to look forward: Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2! I am so glad that my sisters and I will be able to watch this together since I am going home for the break. Last but not least: the end of the semester! Soon I will be done with my first semester as a doctoral student which means I am one semester closer to graduation! (This also means that I survived the papers, presentations, and exam that I have to do.)