Oooh We’re Halfway There!

I have some good news since my last blog. The research proposal I submitted with my group for
the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors Conference was officially
accepted! Needless to say, we are all very excited and proud of ourselves. Now comes the
months of preparation for our presentation and it will all be worth it. Hello Big Easy, I will see
you soon! The next great news is we are officially half way through the semester. It has been a
tough first half. I have had to balance classes, assignments, internship, caseloads, and a graduate
assistantship. Plus, being away from family and friends back home in New York. It has taken a
toll but the experiences and connections I have here mitigate the negative feelings. I finally feel
like I am coming into my own as a family counselor. Being able to properly conceptualize and
operate in a framework provides much needed structure for me. I also feel like my opinions are
heard and valued among my peers and faculty members. I am not saying they were rejected or
overlooked before. Rather, I am becoming more confident in my ability to assert myself. This is
what I like about being here, I just continue to grow and learn like there is no limit. And it is
exciting discovering new capabilities and strengths. All of this learning and growing comes with
the price of needing a recharge. I will be looking forward to some self-care this weekend, which
also happens to be my birthday. Here’s to being rested and rejuvenated for the second half of the
semester! Don’t forget to self-care!
“Self-care is self-respect” - Unknown