New Goal!!

I am so excited to say that I am starting a new goal and it’s not related to school! So a group of friends and I are committing to start running using an 8-week training plan.  We are hoping that by doing this in a group, we can better commit to this. I have always wanted to train but not having someone to do this with was a real challenge. There wasn’t anyone to keep you motivated. It was easy to just give up. We haven’t worked out all the details on how to keep us motivated yet but we are starting this Monday! I am so glad William and Mary has awesome trails to use and the School of Education has a shower. Makes planning this goal a little easier. The 8 week plan appears fairly easy and manageable so that is a plus. Maybe this healthy choice will push me to start eating healthier. Or maybe I will start going to the gym. Hurray for healthy goals! We are also hoping to run a 5k at the end of the training. We shall see…..for now I am of to plan an awesome music list to listen to….Eye of the Tiger anyone?