Let It Snow!

Giant Snowman

This Ohio girl has been very excited about the Virginia snow. We’ve had two snow days over the past two weeks, and for the first time in years, I got to enjoy the days without having to leave the comfort of my warm and cozy apartment. It took a lot more snow than what we’ve had to cancel university classes back at home, so this has been a welcome change for me.

People react to snow a lot differently down here than they do at home. I’ve seen more snowmen down here in the past two weeks than I see in an entire winter at home, and people actually get excited about the snow instead of annoyed. There are people out riding sleds and kids out running around and throwing snowballs.

Personally, I enjoyed my snow days by watching too much tv, reading some stuff that had nothing to do with school, drinking a lot of hot cocoa, and taking pictures of really cool snowmen. This guy is in the courtyard at the SOE, and someone must have used a ladder because he's huge!