Let it Snow! (Please?!)

Today is December 11, and it is exactly 69 degrees outside.

I'm all finished with exams. I'm almost done with my holiday shopping (Dad, if you're reading this, my gift is gonna knock your socks off this year!). I got my dog, Gracie, a reindeer costume (sorry, puppy). I've been listening to Christmas music for well over a month now (#nojudgment), and my apartment is decorated better than the North Pole itself. I have been obsessed with the holidays since I was two years old and requested my mom to sing "Little Drummer Boy" to me before bedtime for a year straight. 

There's only one thing missing this year: snow.

Now, I was born and raised in Florida, so I know what a green (well, brown) Christmas looks like. I get it -- there's definitely some appeal in being able to wear shorts while going caroling! But I spent the past five years in Minnesota, spoiled by the snowy tundra and the sub-zero temperatures. I loved it. All of it. And I miss it.

I want to be grateful for what I have, though. After all, it is nice take Gracie on a walk without snowboots on! So this winter break, I'll be outside enjoying the warm weather. And when it snows? You know I'll be pumped.