It’s the start of the new school year again!

It’s the start of the new school year again! Hard to believe I graduated a few months ago and here I am, back to school. This time, I will be working towards my doctorate degree! Who would have thought that little old me would be here today. While college was where I was 100% sure I will complete, graduate school was not. I remember completing my undergrad thinking to myself, “I will never attend graduate school.” I never attended workshops that helped students prepare to apply for graduate as I was sure that I would be content working in whatever job I would be able to get after graduating (even if it wasn’t in the psychology field). After being discouraged by my job search, I started rethinking my choices. So I buckled down and studied for the GRE and applied for the family counseling master’s program here at the College of William and Mary. During those two years, I also remember thinking, “Ph.D? ha, never!” And yet….here I am! I find it interesting, in terms of my career, that every time I underestimate myself and say that I will never do that, I end up there. If I have learned anything the past years is that I should not turn opportunities down as they have been the best decisions I have ever made. I should not let fear bring me down. And let me tell you…I was scared every time. But now I am here, ready to start this journey! Till next time!