IT’S OVER!!!! (well sort of...)

So last week, in our last staff clinic meeting, we read a letter that we had written to ourselves last year. I couldn’t help but laugh at where I was, mentally a year ago. My letter, like my early blog posts, was full on anxiety for unknowns and really anxious to graduate and go back home to Texas. Well if you have been keeping up with my post these past several months, you probably already now that my goals have changed since then. So a year ago, I thought that by this time, I had a job lined up in Texas and getting ready to move right after graduation. Where am I actually? Well, instead of moving back home, I will spend my summer getting ready to start the doctoral program here at the College of William and Mary and I could not be more excited! Graduation will be a bitter sweet moment for me. On one hand, I will be super excited that I finished the program but on the other hand, I am not done. I will miss my cohort terribly and hope that we will keep in touch. It will be sad to watch them leave but I am excited for what is to come. With 8 more days left till graduation, I could not be more EXCITED that I am finally here! I have enjoyed my time here as a Master’s student and can’t wait for what is to come these next three years. I am so grateful for everyone that I met here. Everyone has been a great influence on me and without them, I would not be here. So for my family, professors, supervisors, and my cohort…THANK YOU!!!! Till next time….