Is it May yet?

I am down to approximately one month to go till graduation and I am SO stressed. I have many assignments due within two weeks on top of taking the NCE! And then after that, worry about taking finals. I don’t think I will have a chance to breathe until May 5th. I am constantly worrying about what I need to do that I need to make sure to schedule self-care. But then I also have to worry about not scheduling too much self-care where all I do is watch Netflix for the whole weekend. In times when I find myself most stressed, I keep reminding myself of the good things coming up. 1) Graduation 2) Seeing my family 3) Summer!! 4) thus…free time! (even if it’s for a little while) 5) planning a wedding! 6) visit Houston (crossing fingers!). I just hope this month goes by as quickly and painless as possible.