Have a Focus

One of the first pieces of advice our professors gave us at the beginning of our program was to have a specific issue that you were especially interested in. They said that projects and presentations would be easier, more interesting, and more focused if we did this. I came into the program because of my interest in the rights of young transgender students in public schools. This has been my focus for all projects and presentations for which I have a choice. My school psychology professors were correct, it is much easier to have a focus that you care about. Having a specific focus opens you up for opportunities you might not have otherwise had. I have been fortunate enough to present to more educators and future educators than I had expected. The only other advice I would offer would be to tell a lot of different people about your interest. The more people you tell, the more opportunities will open up to you, and the more contacts you can make. Not only can you get the word out, but you can learn from others along the way.