Half way done

It is a little bit over mid semester and I am already feeling the pressure. Midterms, papers, and reading…oh my! Thankfully, I have fun weekends coming up to help this time go as fast and enjoyable as possible. This past weekend I was able to go home to visit my family. Hurricane Patricia dampened our plans but it was fun nonetheless. Sure I didn’t get to see my sisters perform at the US Bands competition or at their football game (thanks again Patricia…) but playing Trouble at the middle of the night still made this trip worth it. Weekends I am looking forward to till the end of the school semester include Halloween weekend, my birthday weekend, thanksgiving, and of the semester, and the holiday break! I am so ready for this. Unfortunately, I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep that is coming. I have to say that I am more proud of myself with time management this semester than past semesters. I have been able to better balance personal and school life. I am making myself to “smell the roses” even in the midst of crisis (i.e. midterms, quizzes, etc.). If I don’t enjoy life now, when will I?