Tomorrow is going to be the celebration time for people who are graduating from the School of Education after two, three, or more years of hard work.  A nice tent has been set up outside in the courtyard for students and their families to get together under it, and be given their diplomas. They all are about to begin a new chapter in their lives. For most of them it’s going to be a new job, and for some, it may be pursuing another degree. Regardless of what is going to happen in the future, the graduation ceremony itself is an exciting event. For me it is the reminiscent of “no pain, no gain,” and I do believe that students who are graduating have dealt with lots of difficulty and challenges over the course of the program they studies, and now they should feel accomplished and proud as they have done great jobs.  

I am going to miss my new friends at William and Mary. It’s been a year that we have been together in the SOE building, and now they are leaving. As everyone says, it’s a bitter sweet kind of feeling. I am really excited for them, and at the same time it’s sad that I no longer get to see them as frequently as I used to. I wish them the best, and I will be in touch with them since genuine friendship has been one of the worthiest concepts in my life.