For the love of Research!

In August, Dr. Foster invited the Masters students in the Marriage and Family Counseling program and Doctoral students to submit research proposals for an upcoming conference. It is for the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) which will hold their World Conference in New Orleans this spring. Who doesn’t love New Orleans?! Given my desire to see the Big Easy again and encouragement from my professor, I finally decided to challenge myself and submit my first proposal. Initially, I envisioned the process as a lonely, daunting road with the slim possibility of being chosen to present. While that possibility remains the same, the process was the complete opposite. My Family Counseling cohort banded together to decide what topic(s) we wanted to present. We pooled our resources and current research together in a great bonding experience which connected us even more. It was a great feeling, and still is, to rely on someone and have others rely on you. With our proposals now submitted, we wait anxiously to find out if they will be accepted or not. I should also admit my fear of it being rejected by the organization is pretty high. I think whether it is rejected or accepted, I will still continue my research pursuits. I have been housing many research ideas in my head, those including attachment style, its influence on faith and couple relationships plus much more. The current research process has been encouraging and I feel inspired to do more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see my name in a journal soon. Wish us luck!