Fall Break

This weekend marks the beginning of fall break! It’s hard to believe we’re around the halfway point in the semester already. Even though I love my classes, professors, and readings (yes, even the readings!), I’m definitely grateful for a few days off from classes.

Since I last wrote on this blog, I’ve learned all kinds of things -- and not just about school. For example, did you know that palmetto bugs (basically giant roaches) often try to come inside apartments when the weather is rainy? I didn’t know that a month ago, but I do now! Also, when you’re baking your roommate a pumpkin pie for her birthday and forgot to buy eggs, don’t trust Google when it says banana can be used as an acceptable substitution. The texture might be the same, but the taste definitely isn’t. I’ve learned a lot about counseling these past few weeks, too, most of which can be boiled down to the simple yet wise phrase, “Trust the process.” Don’t think you’re making progress with a client? Trust the process. Not understanding the intricacies amongst counseling theories yet? Trust the process. Ready to give up teaching your dog to roll over? Trust the process. (And try using hot dogs as bait.)

Many students are using their days off to catch up on sleep, spend quality time with Netflix, or go home to visit family and friends. As for me, I’ll be heading to Sanford, North Carolina to attend my cousin’s wedding. I’m so happy that fall break and the wedding are the same weekend! This will allow me to be really present with my family. And this will be the first time that my mom and brother will meet Gracie, so needless to say, I’m as excited as can be!

Time to drive to Sanford! Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are!