Day for the admitted students in Norouz

Today is an important day for the school of education. Most of the admitted students will be gathering all together today in the big event for admitted students. It’s going to be an exciting day both for them and for us as current students. Today is reminiscent of the time I got admitted to William and Mary last year, and it was some of the best news at the time. Admitted students will be starting a new chapter of their lives, and today seems to be the first page for them (well, if I don’t count the interview day for some of them!) On the other hand, today is the beginning of spring, and is our New Year. In my country, Iran, we celebrate the first day of spring as the New Year, and we call it Norouz. [In Farsi, “No” means “new”, and “rouz” means “day”, so Nouroz means New Year]. Today is going to be the fourth New Year that I am far from my family, I used to spend the very first moments of the New Year with them, and that makes me sad. I wish we were all together like the past, but it’s just a wish now. It’s very interesting to experience more than one New Year in a year, and having two different “New Year’s resolutions” as the result!