Christmas is coming!

It’s finally starting to get cold outside (at least some days) and the semester is coming to an end. Only a little over a week until I can start doing a little happy jig that I have survived another semester. Everything has been so crazy the past month or so that I have never been so excited to see the end of a semester. Much celebrating will be done, especially since Christmas is coming soon!

I’m not usually one to do much decorating or Christmas-y stuff, but suddenly I’ve been getting much more into the Christmas spirit. I’m considering actually getting a tree, which would be quite the adventure with my cat. I’m thinking about summoning an elf so that he can keep an eye on that crazy cat and let Santa Paws know whether he’s been naughty or nice. I’m even thinking about sending cards, which would be above and beyond for me.

Whether I end up doing any of these things or not, the holidays are coming and the end of the semester is near, so celebration of some sort is definitely in order.