Wawa Turkey Bowls and Twilight on CD

That’s what my Thanksgiving consisted of.  It may not be the typical Thanksgiving celebration, but it sure was relaxing and entertaining in the least.  Since my immediate family lives across the country in California, spending around $500 for a flight and taking a day to travel there, and then a full day to travel back, isn’t really practical.  The past few years I’ve had to get creative for Thanksgiving.  With schoolwork I had to catch up on, I decided it’d be best to stay in, get some of it done, but most of all…RELAX. 

Since turkey is such a staple on Thanksgiving, it’s become a tradition of mine to get one of Wawa’s Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving Day.  The Turkey Bowl may not be as good as mom or Nana’s cooking, but it’s a $4 bowl of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and stuffing goodness…it comes pretty close. 

The only thing missing was entertainment.  A week before Thanksgiving, I saw the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn: Part One midnight showing, and since I had not read any of the books in the series, I wanted to read them all so I can know what’s going to happen in Part Two!  I already had the first two books in the series, and being slightly burnt out from studying and papers, I thought it’d be best to have someone else read to me.  Naturally, books on CD came to mind, and luckily, the Williamsburg Regional Library had all four books on CD!  So most of the day was spent listening and following along with the first book, and I was in Twilight heaven.

This Thanksgiving, I realized that there was so much that I was thankful for.  My family, friends, health, and sanity (some may question this one) were at the top of the list, but I can’t omit the two things that I was especially thankful for this Thanksgiving: Wawa Turkey Bowls and Twilight on CD.