Surviving Finals

Finals week is never fun.  During undergraduate or graduate work, nobody likes the stress that comes along with papers, projects, and tests.  So how do you de-stress at William & Mary?  Well, over the last few weeks I have found out how to keep my sanity during these insane times.  First and foremost, I learned that procrastination is definitely NOT the way to go.  When it came down to the couple of days before my papers were due, I was so relieved to be able to say I had most of them done a couple of days in advance, giving me time to study for my tests.  Second, take full advantage of what is available to do at night.  For me, my brain stops functioning at an academic level by about 9:00 pm.  Getting out of my apartment where I had been cooped up for the last eight hours was the best thing I could possibly do for myself.  Going over to Greenleafe, seeing a movie, whatever.  Giving my brain a break was much needed.  Finally, I rely on my classmates for support and advice.  One of the great things about the School Psychology program here is we are all in the same classes and therefore we totally understand what everybody else is going through.  Leaning on them when I needed a laugh or a question answered was extraordinarily helpful.  Now that finals are over, I can say with confidence that I will survive grad school – and keep my sanity while doing it!