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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the School Psychology program? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Don't see the answer to your question? Contact our admissions staff at [[graded]] or the program director, Dr. Leandra Parris at [[lparris]].

How do I apply and what is the application deadline?
See our general admissions pages for information about submitting your application. 

Are there any program pre-requisites?
No. Beyond the completion of a bachelor's degree, there are no specific pre-requisites for this program.

What does the school psychology program look for in candidates?
This is a difficult question to answer as we evaluate each candidate holistically. In general, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about becoming a school psychologist and gaining an orientation to the field. In terms of academic preparation, the School of Education has specific guidelines for admission. Prospective students must have at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Occasionally, we do admit students who fall below these thresholds; however, it is rare for us to admit a student whose performance falls substantially below these guidelines.

Is there a part time option?
Unfortunately, no. This is a full-time program.

Can I complete your program online?
No, our program is a full-time residency (i.e., ‘brick and mortar’) program. Whereas online components may be embedded in individual courses, there are no plans to develop an online training program at this time. 

Are students able to work while completing their program of studies?
Due to the nature of the program, full time work is not permitted. Students holding assistantships may not hold additional employment without approval of the Associate dean. Other students may work part time as long as it does not conflict with their field placements and coursework.

Is there funding available to support students during their time in the program?
Yes, the School of Education has many scholarships available for incoming students, which many of our students are competitive for. Additionally, most of our students have historically received funding through a graduate assistantship. See more information about financial aid and graduate assistantships.

I have completed relevant coursework elsewhere, can I receive transfer credit?
Please see our transfer credit policy for full details. 

I have licensure in another professional area. Is there a respecialization option?
No, we do not have a formal pathway for respecialization. All students are admitted to the M.Ed. program and must complete all program requirements.

Can I visit campus or talk to a faculty member more about the program?
Absolutely, we meet with prospective applicants throughout the academic year. Call our Admissions Office at 757-221-2317 or email [[graded]] to learn more and arrange a tour.