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Counseling Program Fieldwork Manual

Fieldwork includes the practicum and internship experiences that occur during the Counselor Education program. During fieldwork, counseling students engage in guided and supervised clinical work based on their program concentration. To help communicate guidelines and information about the fieldwork, the program publishes a manual that describes many elements of these experiences. To view the Fieldwork Manuals by modality, click the link below.

On-Campus Counseling Program Fieldwork Manual

Online Counseling Program Fieldwork Manual

Supervision Training

The Counselor Education program faculty offer free training to site supervisors and community partners. The webinars cover a variety of major topics intended to help site supervisors train and oversee the work of the counseling students at their sites. To view a webinar, review the options below and click on the links for the ones in which you are interested in viewing.

Elements of Effective Counseling Supervision

Webinar with Dr. Craig Cashwell

Supervision is a vital aspect of counselor development and using the proper methods is important to ensure its efficacy. The supervisor serves an important role in fostering their supervisees’ professional growth and counseling skill development. The job of a supervisor is multifaceted and includes elements of teaching, consulting, counseling, and evaluating. A foundational knowledge of key concepts, terminology, and techniques can help balance the various activities supervision involves. Therefore, in this webinar attendees will learn about the common elements of supervision to help new and experienced supervisors enhance their work with supervisees. The information shared will include definitions and descriptions of key aspects of supervision, approaches to formative and summative feedback, and basic techniques for delivering supervision. The training will apply to supervisors at all experience levels who work in a variety of settings, such as supervisors in school, clinical, and community settings.

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*Stay tuned for more webinars in the near future.