Special Education

Ph.D. Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership

The Special Education Administration concentration within the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership area supports the mission of the School of Education by providing initial preparation and continuing education for those who wish to serve in leadership positions in the field of special education. The Ed.D./Ph.D. option expands the tradition of the School of excellence in professional education for educating school principals and superintendents to preparing leaders to serve education institutions in a variety of leadership, research, and instructional capacities. A primary goal is to enhance the education of individuals with disabilities, including those who are culturally and linguistically diverse.

The primary objectives of the Special Education Administration concentration in Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership are to: (a) recruit, enroll, and support highly qualified and diverse doctoral students who are capable of completing a competency based program with dual emphases in general education and special education policy, planning, and leadership; and (b) provide a comprehensive preparation program that will ensure proficiency in those competencies essential for collaborative planning, implementation, and evaluation of more inclusive programs for students with disabilities.

In addition to the development of skills and competencies traditionally required of effective educational administrators, program graduates will be able to conduct research; develop evidence based, innovative programs; advocate for organizational improvements; establish collaborative community and interagency networks to facilitate delivery of services in more inclusive settings; and conduct and/or facilitate experiences to support staff development and retention. Graduates will also demonstrate skill in policy development and analysis and educational planning.

Ph.D. in EPPL - Special Education Administration Program of Studies [pdf]

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