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Ph.D. - Curriculum & Educational Technology

With today's increasing reliance on technology both inside and outside the classroom, being able to use technology as both an instrument of teaching and a subject to teach is vital.  W&M's concentration in Curriculum Education and Technology prepares students to be industry leaders and shapers of the ways technology and curriculum blend together.


The Curriculum and Educational Technology (CET) doctoral concentration addresses the ever-increasing demand for educational leaders who understand the effective use of technology in maximizing student achievement, as well as educators' professional development. Students will explore, design, and evaluate curriculum-based educational technology applications as they are, and will be, used in a wide variety of K-12 and adult learning contexts and systems. They will also understand and implement effective educational technology professional development models and practices appropriate for K-12 teachers, K-12 administrators, and post-secondary faculty.

CET students' program work will be supported by and culminate with development of a focused line of research in curriculum and educational technology. In short, CET students will develop the skills and dispositions necessary to serve as leaders in integrating educational technologies into teaching and learning. 

Program of Study

Students will be required to take classes in four main areas prior to starting their dissertation.  These topical areas are a core leadership component, a research component, a concentration compenent including required curriculum courses, and a cognate component designed in conjunction with the student's advisor.

Program Contact

[[judi.harris,Judi Harris]]
Professor and Pavey Family Chair in Educational Technology