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5 Year B.A. to M.A.Ed.

The five-year B.A. to M.A.Ed. program allows undergraduate students at William & Mary to complete a major in Arts & Sciences, then elevate directly to one of the M.A.Ed. programs in the School of Education for a fifth year focused on elementary education, secondary education, special education or ESL/bilingual education.

The five-year program is ideal for students who decide later during their undergraduate experience that they would like to pursue a career in teaching. Students may apply to the five-year program as early as March 1 of the social junior year but no later than October 1 of the social senior year.

Course of Study

Students must take two courses in either fall or spring of senior year:

  • EDUC 301: Educational Psychology. Examine psychological theories and research findings dealing with human development and learning. 
  • EDUC 310: Social , Philosophical, Cultural & Historical Foundations of American Education. Understand the complexities and practicalities of teaching in public schools.
  • Students planning to specialize in Special Education may also take EDUC 425.

Upon completing the bachelor's degree, students elevate directly to a master's program. The master's programs are full-time, 12-month programs beginning in the summer immediately following graduation. Students pursue the following programs of study depending on area of focus: 

Applying for Admission

Students must apply directly to the School of Education no later than October 1 of their social senior year to be considered for the five-year program. Learn more about applying for admission.