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Key Control

The purpose of the key control procedure is to establish and maintain integrity in the issuance, return, and record keeping of keys to the School of Education.

Key Issuance - The Assistant to the Dean is responsible for issuing all keys to faculty and staff.  The Building Manager is responsible for issuing keys to temporary storage areas. The Director of Admissions and Financial Aid issues keys to graduate assistants for storage within their assigned workspaces. Faculty members who want their graduate assistants to have access to their faculty offices should send written requests to the Assistant to the Dean before keys can be issued directly to the students.

Key / Lock Changes - Broken keys or locks should be reported to the Building Manager immediately. Emergency repairs affecting the safety of the building or property will be scheduled as soon as possible. Door and lock changes must be approved by the Building Manager.

Lost Keys - The loss or theft of any keys must be reported immediately to the Building Manager.  

Found Keys - Keys that have been found should be forwarded immediately to the Assistant to the Dean. If possible, the keys will be identified and returned to the rightful owner.

Key Return - When an employee’s employment ends, he/she is responsible for returning all department keys, per employment clearance procedures.  Faculty and staff should return their keys to the Assistant to the Dean, and students to the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Transferring Keys - Keys may not be loaned or transferred from one individual to another. Individuals who are issued keys are responsible for their physical security and use. Propping exterior doors open or loaning card access keys to others is prohibited.

Building and Sub-Master Keys - Issuance of building and sub-masters will be granted on a very limited basis and require approval of the Dean or designee.