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CAEP Accreditation

In Fall 2019, the William & Mary School of Education was granted accreditation status by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) for a five-year period, ending in Fall 2025. The accreditation letter and the accreditation action report are both available for review online [PDF download].

CAEP requires colleges and universities that prepare education professionals report on measures related to impact and outcomes.  The following measures are those specified by CAEP for annual reporting.  Impact measures include our graduates’ impact on student learning and development, our graduates’ effectiveness in teaching, satisfaction of employers with our graduates’ performance, and satisfaction of our graduates with their preparation.

Outcome measures include graduation rates, the ability of our graduates to meet licensing requirements, the ability of our graduates to be hired in the field in which they have been prepared, and student loan default rates.

We share these with you as indicators of the success of our programs and our graduates: